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SAPAC envisions a Sindh where the Sindhi cultural heritage and Sufi way of life is celebrated and rejuvenated back to its previous glory, entering all political, economical and societal aspects of life.
To raise public awareness and lobby about Issues relating to Sindh and Sindhi people, located all over the world
  • To inform and influence the political process in the United States of America about the political and socio-economic rights of Sindhis.
  • To positively influence the policies of the US Government towards Sindh and Sindhis.
  • To politically advocate on behalf of the Sindh people, raising international awareness of the gross human rights violations taking place regarding the individual’s right to education, economic advancement and cultural identity.
  • To act towards limiting the influx of outsiders to maintain the majority demographic status of native Sindhis.
  • To raise awareness in the United States of America of the non-Sindhi’s efforts to eradicate the traditional Sindhi language, culture, values and way of life.
  SAPAC Flood Activities   This month in SAPAC action   Flood in Sindh 2011  
  Emergency Meeting Report (SAPAC Report Written by K. Hashmani)
SAPAC Open Letter to President Obama
DAWN News Reports:Sindh Hardest Hit By Flood
  Petition for Bashir Khan Qureshi
Letter to Community.
  Sixteen of the 23 districts in Sindh have been severely affected by flooding.
Over 4.5 million acres of land are underwater, including 1.7 million acres
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